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Welcome to The Johnson Family Web Page

The Extended Family Bids a Fond Farewell to our Most Treasured Member

We are starting this page to bring the fun things in our lives to you. We hope that we can have many interesting things here that concern all of our friends and families. This page will grow and change often so keep checking back with us.

HOT!!! New Home Theater Page

Pete and Cindy have a BABY?
Check Them OUT

Come See our Wedding Photos

What is going on in the World Around Us? New - Our World


How to Reach the Rest of the Crew. E-Mail

The Party Never Ends! Celebrate Life, As Sandy Dog Would Have Wanted US!

One last Road Trip

Sandy dog on the downhill stretch as you first come into sight of the beautiful "Sea of Cortez"

We will update this page with events and info that you give us! Please let us know what we can do to make this cool for us all.


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IMPORTANT NOTE: DON'T EAT TUNA (unless line caught)

"Dolphin Safe" does not neccessarily mean Dolphins were not killed